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  • catlovernyc

    This is an amazing product

    02/19/2016 20:30:19

    Love this product! My 10 year old cat needed to shed a few pounds at the recommendation of the veterinarian. My cat has been eating this food for the last 6 months and she's started to lose the pounds! I will continue to buy this.

  • jerseygirl71174

    Healthy & Playful Kitten

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I started feeding my kitten Purina Kitten Chow when she was 9 weeks old. It offers the nutrition she needs and she just Loves the taste. I have tried other kitten chows in the past but Purina's is the one that I always come back to. To ensure the quality of my kitten's food and that she has a long and healthy life. She is in the process of being introduced to canned cat food, but she still enjoys her Purina Kitten Chow.

  • ExtremeAmerica


    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    This is a product that I would recomend for all cats

  • 10f5fishnhoue

    loves it!

    06/04/2014 10:30:16

    my cat comes running every time I get near the bag!

  • Sixlovies

    This is the only hard cat food my cats will eat!

    12/29/2014 16:00:09

    I have four (4) sweet inside babies, Smokie, Bootsie, Zipper and Gigi. And two (2) sweet outside (feral) babies, Sophie and Suzie, and out of anything else I have tried this is the ONLY hard my sweeties will eat. That has to say something. Thank you so much Purina.

  • RaeRae

    Love It

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I have an orange tabby kitten and he is an eating machine. This product I would definitely recommend for any growing kitten!

  • diane0323

    great cat food

    11/04/2013 11:30:09

    my cat Bojangles loves this food and only will eat this food - great flavor for him - he thoroughly enjoys it each day!

  • Ashnscoot

    My cat loves it

    06/04/2017 13:18:37

    Great texture and my cat loves the taste. It keeps my cat healthy and at just the right weight. Made of high quality ingredients and makes me proud to give it to my cats. Works for both indoor and outdoor cats and even works well with a cat that has a sensitive stomach.

  • Sally2015


    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    Happy there is a special formula for kittens. Their growth at this stage in life is important to me.

  • mitties

    Great food!

    05/10/2015 12:15:59

    My cat loves it and therefore so do I. Great value.

  • rrobison

    Our cats love it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    Our cats love it! This cat food really agrees with their digestive systems to!

  • holzerja

    Helped me raise 2 Beautiful Cats

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    We used the kitten chow for both of our kityens and theh loved it.

  • zfields888


    02/03/2016 19:31:11

    GREAT my cats love it. The price is good and the value is worth it!

  • Jewlcat


    01/19/2015 09:30:30

    I have multiple cats and they all love purina cat chow. I love that they work together with Target which helps me save even more money. But even without Targets savings I would still purchase purina cat chow, because it is a good product and veterany approved

  • ChristineAnne

    Passes the Finicky Taste Test

    07/22/2015 07:45:19

    My 9 year old black furry companion Sheena has extremely fussy taste when it comes to her food. She also tends to add on weight with certain dry foods. The Purina Healthy Weight formula meets all of Sheena's needs. It keeps her at a good weight and she enjoys eating it everyday unlike other brands that she quickly grows tired of the taste. A+ from us!

  • Hollysmom

    Happy cat, happy cat mom

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    As a starving student in a miniature apartment, I'm always concerned about maintaining a healthy weight for my cat Holly. Indoor formula has been a great choice for us. Her coat feels healthy, she loves the taste, and the price is just right for our limited budget.

  • Pattylax

    My kittens

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My kittens luv this products as soon as open a bag they come running and start eating from container before I can put in dish

  • Anastasiasmommy

    Brought her back to health

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    We found a kitten abandoned in a snow bank that was nearly dead. She was able to gain the weight she needed and will now survive in part because of this food.

  • Baby

    my preciouse likes

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My preciouse thinks this is just the Cat's Meow as well as a purrrrrrfect little bite sizes for her.

  • KathyBetsy

    Great products

    07/20/2014 20:15:18

    my cat Betsy loves this products and I am sue your cat will do the same....5 stars...

  • Tiger35

    great product

    06/25/2015 07:16:56

    I worry about my smallest cat getting all the nutriants that he need but I don't worry when I give him this.

  • michelescats

    Indoor Cat Chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I feed this to my 4 housecats and they just love it! I would recommend this to everyone with an indoor cat. :)

  • kmak07

    Great Product

    01/20/2015 15:01:03

    Love this because of the added vitamins & minerals as well as the hairball control-I have medium hair babies who love to bathe themselves!!!!

  • Goshawk

    Excellent diet for cats with weight and digestive issues!

    12/19/2013 16:30:06

    My Cat had some serious health issues last year. He is a Maine Coon weighing in at 17 lbs and was having serious food issues along with being sick all the time. After getting off his vet diet we put him on this food and the response was impressive. He does well with the high fiber diet and has much fewer spells. Love it!

  • Michelle1227

    Great Product!

    01/24/2018 07:00:46

    My cats really enjoyed the taste of this food and I will definitely buy it again. Also the price for the food was well worth the money that was spent. My cats had been on Friskies for five years but because of how much they enjoyed this food, it will be their main meal from now on.

  • caters8

    Spoiled Troop!!

    10/15/2012 06:45:08

    I have 8 cats and they are all picky.They eat Purina complete and when they hear the new bag being brought in, they all rally and start meowing for more of what they love. They are all happy and healthy and At a great weight.Thanks Purina!

  • HonkeyCatMomma

    My cats love Purina!

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    I was feeding them the dollar store cat food and an older woman suggested i use purina . once i started my cats on purina i could tell they liked it much better than the dollar store stuff! They act and look so much healthier!

  • robertandersoniii

    Indoor cat food

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    From what I see this is a great choice for our indoor kitties. It will most likely take care of more hairballs than the current type of dry food they eat now.

  • Motherbear9809

    Purrfect for my indoor buddy

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    My kitty never goes outside. I fear if she does, something will happen, so I love that there is a cat food that is specially formulated for her indoor needs. Not only does it help control those nasty hairballs, it keeps her at a healthy weight since she isn't outside travelling all over the place. Another bonus is she is in love with the taste! Once she hears the bag crack open, she is running to her bowl!

  • TheGlowingOne

    LIke it

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    LIke it its good and i tried it :D Its like chow but for a cat you know!

  • lorradawne

    My Cats Love It!

    06/03/2014 07:45:15

    I love this product. It is my cats favorite and I feel good that they are getting the nutrition they need for a reasonable price.

  • MarilynB17


    05/25/2014 17:45:06

    She luvs it. And it is good for her. And I am happy if she is happy with what I feed her.

  • Janeth

    My cat love this food

    01/24/2015 14:00:10

    I always have three different dry food bowls out and Natural is the first food they go to.

  • KatLuver11

    The only catfood I will buy.

    01/19/2015 04:47:32

    I have been buying this brand of catfood for over 10 years. My cats love the taste and the price is right. There are no dyes added.

  • arizonac7

    Only the best

    06/03/2014 07:30:12

    I give only the best to my cats and Purina is it. They love it

  • AliCat

    Purina is the best!

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    All of the Purina products are great! They are reliable and my cats love it! Great value

  • CatMom789

    My babies

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I will always give my kittens Purina Kitten food. It's a great, healthy way for them to start their lives in a new home.

  • jen1983

    great cat food

    09/02/2014 09:00:44

    Will never feed my cats anything else! Healthy food keeps my cats healthy. Great quality for a great price!

  • lesmes84

    Love it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    Love this! My cats both love the taste and always seem satisfied. Does not hurt their stomach or bowels like other foods.

  • Karin

    I have 3 cats who love this food :-)

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I was looking for a higher quality of food than the cheap stuff but not pay the high prices of the really expensive stuff. Thats when I found this food. My cats LOVE your food!!!! Their hair is softer and I think they feel better too. Thanks!

  • LittleMan4

    The Best!

    01/19/2015 09:46:02

    The only food my cat truly enjoys! He hears the bag he knows its cat chow and it's feeding time. He loves the smell of fresh right out the bag food and we love the nutrition that comes with it! It's THE cat food product of this household hands down.

  • LindaK

    cat chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    We have beenn feeding our cats cat cgow for over ten years. It's the only dry cat food they will eat. Keep up the great taste.

  • Dean

    Great product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    As 100% indoor cats, my herd don't often have the chance to nibble on grass or other botanicals they might have access to in the real world. This CatChow variety is a favorite for all of my fur babies. It helps them maintain a good weight and they always ask for more.

  • wjm1979

    my experience

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    this food has been a life saver we tried our kitten on 3 other brands of food and she threw up from every single one of them we tried this one and so has gone through a half of a bag and hasnt thrown up once and the second she hears the food hitting her dish she comes running for it!

  • mrpmunicorn

    The Best

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    This the best cat food! I will not feed my cats any other food!

  • BubbaKitty

    Great Product

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My cats love the food. Once I started feeding them the indoor formula cat food. I notice they were not chewing on my plants.

  • emmy

    great product

    07/16/2014 15:00:15

    I really like this brand, and my cat loves the food.

  • Been


    02/24/2014 22:15:06

    My two cats are obsessed with this food! They literally beg me for more of it.

  • angeleyes61


    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    My cat loves the taste, recently I tried the gentle formula and I don't think she likes it.

  • KittenKisses21

    Awesome Product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I started my kittens out eating Purina Kitten Chow and I am more than satisfied. Not only do my kittens enjoy the taste but its nutritious as well.

  • sunnyv

    Fat cats

    06/04/2014 06:31:01

    My kitty was given to me extremely obese from a family friend, after plenty of exercise, this food, and limited treats he is at a very healthy weight and is like a different cat!

  • amberhd

    Cat love it!

    07/03/2014 19:45:15

    My cat likes this food, and I like that it is high in protein and has hairball control.

  • roofhopper

    Purina Healthy Weight

    06/03/2015 13:30:10

    Great for cats with a weight problem! Couldn't ask for a better product!

  • Chulspls


    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    this is the only brand of cat food I would buy for my cats when they were kittens. they love the taste and I've not had a problem with them not wanting to eat it. both cats are healthy weight because of the feeding suggestions that can help you decide how much to feed your cat on the bag.

  • mowen7

    Great Product

    09/08/2014 11:00:18

    I received a free sample of this cat food for my cat and was surprised when he like the taste because he is picky. I also thought he was able to eliminate easier with this product (high in fiber!). I purchased a full-sized bag which my cat is enjoying now. He is also an inside cat only so it's nice to know it will help him maintain his weight.

  • Dayy


    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I have a strictly indoor cat , so I purchased this product and my cat really enjoyed it , she tends to be picky in what kibbles she eat but she liked these.

  • emboyd8

    Best Product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    This is the best brand of cat food I have ever used.

  • bweena

    Weight Product

    12/02/2013 10:15:24

    Our cats enjoy this food as much as the regular. We've only had them on this formula a few months, so the weight is same. Looking forward to the weight loss.

  • Eschercat

    Big Girl

    01/25/2015 16:15:14

    My sux year old calico Pansy loves to eat and with three cats it is hard to keep her weight under control. Now with Purinas Healthy Weight formula it is like having a dietician for my cat. Thank you.

  • littlemissy

    My cats love it!

    02/15/2017 09:30:38

    About a year ago, I switched my cats to Purina Naturals to provide what I felt was had more of the nutrients my cats needed. Then when I saw Purina Naturals Indoor Formula, I decided to try it since my cats, now indoors only, were putting on weight. I'm glad I made the switch to the Purina Naturals Indoor Formula I feel good about what I'm feeding them. Between that and the exercise time I've put into our schedules, the cats are a healthy weight.

  • jen09

    we used it even after the first yr.

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I've always been a fan of the kitten chow by Purina. When we got our newest addition to the family, of course we bought the product. A friend told me about extending the use of kettle chow past 1 year, or if my cat were to ever get sick. She said it provided many nutrients many adult blends don't offer. Has anyone else heard this?

  • Bear26

    My Cats Love It!!

    01/07/2015 12:15:26

    Sometimes, I get bags of food that have less dye in the food. I really like that because the food doesn't need it and neither do my cats. I hope that you decide to use less dye and keep it the most nutritious food that you can make.

  • strchld7677

    The Best

    12/09/2015 10:17:59

    This is the only catfood I feed my 5 cats. They love the taste and refuse any other food.

  • Walter

    They love it !

    10/30/2013 09:45:05

    I used to switch brands all the time and could never remember which one the cats liked the best...but now that I've found's the only flavor I buy. Both my cats love it !

  • sandsperk

    Awesome product

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    My cats will not eat anything else but Purina. I tried buying them an iff brand they barely ate it! When I purchased the purina they are now back to eating nirmal! Purina is the only brand for my cats!

  • Jtigger

    Great Value, great product

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    My 3 indoor cats really enjoy this cat food. I alternate between this, catchow complete, and they get one can of wet food per day too. This dry food is one of the few brands my finicky cats will eat and is my go to choice. I feel confident they are getting all the nutrition they need and are healthy, happy kittys!

  • becca25

    natural cat food

    12/28/2013 11:00:07

    i had to switch to all natural due to my cat's medical problem and trying different and expensive ones he would not eat. i had used regular cat chow for years and when the natural was available had to try it. my cat loved it and so did the other cats. so now it is purina cat chow naturals for over three years. and this is what i will continue to use for all future cats.

  • reeds52012

    Trust Purina

    06/03/2014 07:30:12

    If I am not using the indoor formula, this is the one that I use. For the value and for the taste both the cats like. Thumbs up to Purina for continued consistency throughout the years.

  • IdaCosentino

    cat love

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    i have 3 boys and they just love it bowl is always empty

  • cyngra


    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    My babies will not eat any other but the Indoor formula. It is their favorite.

  • Gizmo

    Taste Great Less Filling

    11/04/2013 11:30:09

    My two cats Milo and Zoe love the tast of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and I love that it's healthier for them.

  • Salty5

    Clinic Cats Choice

    10/06/2014 14:15:50

    At our veterinary clinic the house brand of choice is Purnina Cat Chow above the other brands. The cats prefer it!

  • mrbobh

    great food

    12/03/2014 21:00:14

    My cat is so fussy and I can't believe she will eat this. Nice !

  • Airforce65

    Great product

    08/04/2015 09:15:17

    Love ??? it and my cats are so happy and healthier since I switched their food!



    04/05/2017 17:15:27


  • saph

    My cat loves this taste!

    08/26/2014 08:45:07

    Great quality product that my cat loves and I am happy that I know this will help to keep calories down.

  • Linda12

    Great product,

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    Both my cats enjoy the taste and it helps cut down the hair balls.

  • Nan1

    Luove It!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    The indoor formula is my 2 cats (Andy & Sandy) favorite dry food. I give them other kinds of dry food but they enjoy the indoor formula the most.

  • krazycatlady38


    01/20/2015 15:15:08

    My cats love Purina foods. They won't eat anything else

  • Rach

    Cat loves it!

    03/16/2014 23:00:03

    I've tried different cat foods for a few years and when I finally decided to try the Purina cat chow complete my cat was hooked! He looks forward to feeding time!

  • Treatgiver

    "Complete"ly satisfied!

    11/30/2015 10:17:40

    I have a female cat who is 18 months old, and when I switched her from Kitten Chow to Gentle formula, she was just fine with that. Recently I had to do my shopping in a different store than usual and they did not have the Gentle formula, so I decided to try the Cat Chow Complete. My cat ate it as enthusiastically as she has the other formulas, and seemed to have no negative effects. I am very pleased with all of the Purina Cat Chow products that I have tried, and my cat eats them all without hesitation. Thanks for great products!

  • rainspurlin

    lots of energy

    06/25/2014 17:15:10

    Gives my cat lots of energy, he prefers other flavors but sometimes what is healthy for you doesnt necesary taste the best

  • carolync

    Best for indoor cats

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    This indoor formula is great for indoor cats, i have several and they all like it, but it has all the right things in it to help your cat that stays indoors and is not as active as a outside kitty might be.

  • rosy

    Only food my cat eats!

    03/19/2014 13:45:07

    This is the only cat food my cat will eat. I switched her to Cat Chow from Kitten Chow recently, she loves them both! I plan on staying with Cat Chow.

  • BethanyF

    My Cat Needs Healthy Weight!

    11/06/2013 04:15:48

    My cat had diet problems and I put her on Purina Healthy Weight. She is dong much better now!

  • mimi2

    Great product

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    This past year my cat has Loved this food and has grown up healthy. On to the next year.

  • brizz


    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    brought my cats up on this this year whilst they were still kittens. loved it!! definitely helped them grow

  • Taylor

    Working product

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    Out of all of the foods I've tried, I've seen less hairballs because of this type of cat food. (Plus it looks like my kitties enjoy the taste because they eat it so fast.)

  • Mascara

    Wonderful Indoor cat Formula

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My 4 cats are all around 8-11 years old, they have been eating Indoor formula since they stopped eating kitten chow. I love that it has the grains and grasses that they are missing from being inside cats. They all love it, and to this day, they still get excited when I open the bag (even though their bowls are full!) I notice that they all keep glossy coats, and are overall very healthy kitties, this could be just good genetics or good cat keeping on my part, but I would like to think their food has something to do with it.

  • scifimeg

    no more fur balls

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    my cat bella gets a lot of fur tried this food and she doesn't get them any more.

  • Cathy1464

    Great Product

    11/22/2013 11:30:05

    All of my cats love the taste and it helps them maintain a healthier weight.

  • Maize

    cats favorite

    01/13/2015 12:30:16

    Finally found a dry cat food my cat enjoys. She is very picky and I do not need to add extra treats to this dry food at all in order to get her to eat it.

  • tranquilvamp

    Lots of purrrs!

    11/03/2013 16:15:09

    my kitties enjoyed this food and I am happy its natural and healthy for them.

  • Ashleyann

    So wonderful!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    My cat Bosco is an indoor cat, and he doesn't get as much exercise as most outdoor cats. Needless to say, Bosco has packed on the pounds. I started noticing the current weight gain, and got concerned, so I took him to my local vet, Veterinarian Johnson who just adores Bosco. I asked her for advice on how to safely lower Bosco's weight, and what to do to keep it off. The vet recommended Purina's Indoor Cat Formula. It's a little spendy for my budget since I'm only in highschool, but it's definitely do-able for the sake of Bosco's health. I've never seen him so happy, and healthy! Thanks Purina!

  • Cheryle62

    Great Product

    01/25/2015 16:00:16

    I have an overweight cat and she loves this and its a big help. I have tried other more expensive products but come back to this because the value and product are just as good if not better.

  • philly

    Great product

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    I always feed my kittens their first year kitten food.

  • DaveR

    My Cats Have Thrived On It!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    In 2009 we took in three stray littermates; two females and one male. Our cats first ate Purina Kitten Chow, then when they were a year old we moved them on to Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. Our cats have grown and thrived on Purina cat food. They are healthy, playful, affectionate, and inquisitive. They ALWAYS come running when they hear their Purina Cat Chow being scooped into their bowls; no appetite problems here! Wholeheartedly recommend this fine cat food.

  • Las1954

    The Only Food For Kittens

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I have raised many kittens over the years & have found that Purina Kitten Chow is the best food a kitten can have when they start eating solid foods. In fact I pretty much have feed them Kitten Chow until they where at least a year old. And they have all been wonderful & healthy cats!

  • Shorty9Lives

    Great Cat Food

    08/26/2014 08:45:07

    This is by far the best cat food my fat cats love! Highly Recommended!

  • Andi1028

    My Kittens, Jack & Jill, love Purina Kitten Chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My kittens love Purina Cat Chow and won't eat anything else. My older cats are always trying to raid the kitten's dish too. I trust Purina Kitten Chow for my kittens!


Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our company, our products and caring for your cats. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How can I email or talk with the Purina Pet Care team?

A: If you would like to talk with us, please contact us here or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Our Hours of Operation:

  • Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST
Q: How are Purina Cat Chow products different from other healthy pet foods?

A: Inside every bag of Purina Cat Chow you'll find a selective blend of protein, fat, and fiber. Everything we use in our premium cat food formulas has a place in your cat's healthy diet.

Q: How can I be sure of the quality of the Purina Cat Chow products?

A: Our top priority is the quality of the food that nourishes not only your pets, but the pets we share our lives with, too. So from source to bowl, the quality of our food is assured by taking the following steps:

Ingredient Sourcing

  • Purina ingredient sourcing and processing meet or exceed FDA, USDA or AAFCO standards for pet food. And every supplier of ingredients for Purina products must meet our stringent standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.
  • Ingredient Testing
  • All of Purina's North American manufacturing facilities have on-site quality assurance laboratories and staff. And we're working to expand the use of technology to further screen ingredients for quality assurance.
  • Ingredient Tracking & Control
  • 99% of all Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities and Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retail stores.
Q: Where is your food manufactured?

A: 99% of all Purina-branded pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities. Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retailers.

Q: I am unable to find a particular product in my area. Can you help me locate it?

A: Yes, we can help. Although distribution of our Purina Cat Chow products is national, not all stores carry all sizes and varieties. Contact our Customer Service department via our Contact Us page or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Q: Do you offer coupons?

A: We offer coupons in local papers, through direct mailing programs and via emails to registered members. We don't have a regular section on our website itself. We suggest you watch for sales or promotions at your local retailer.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We believe there's always more to learn and to share and that discovery should be fun. It's one more way we're helping you and your cat share a better life together. Visit Catipedia for articles and information and... a little bit of fun.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We strongly recommend talking to your veterinarian for immediate answers to urgent situations. While is an excellent resource of information provided by cat care experts, your veterinarian can provide the best care for your individual cat.