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  • Lola79

    Healthy product, great for my indoor cats.

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    My cats don't have the opportunity to go outside and run around like they would like and honestly it would make me happy to let them, but the conditions outside are not safe for them where we live unfortunately. The best I can do is provide them with the greens they crave in the food that I feed them. They love the taste. It seems to be good for their diet and hairball issues as well. Thank you Purina for considering everything important to a cat in one great product.

  • jslagle72985

    Love it

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    I love this product it has so many good things my growing kitten needs especialy since he left he mom earlier than most kitten should.

  • Terri33

    Great Natural Product

    08/03/2015 11:00:33

    This is the food we feed our 5 cats because of the natural ingredients and lack of fillers. Their coats are beautiful and they are extremely healthy. You should try it for your cats.

  • takemeaway89708

    My kitten looves this food

    10/28/2014 13:30:35

    She goes crazy. I shake the bag and she comes a running. By far our family favorite :)

  • Bagheera7

    Weight management

    01/08/2014 14:30:09

    This is the only weight management food that ive found that my cats will actually eat

  • NikkiPete

    Indoor formula

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I'm an avid Purina Cat Chow user, so was quite intrigued when Purina came out with this indoor cat chow, since my cats stay indoors. I've purchased this particular brand for a cats, a few times in the past, but found that my cats were more sensitive to their stomachs using this formula. I see Purina now has a gentle cat chow formula, so will give that a try, but in the meantime, I have continued using their original Cat Chow brand. Thanks Purina for providing my options for my cat's food needs.

  • gmbd13

    Great product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    Great product! I would and have told several of my friends about theis product and they have started buying it!

  • Jr2014

    A Quality Product

    09/09/2014 11:15:08

    I got a free sample of this food. My cat ate it all in one day.

  • raeshelley

    feeding feral cats

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    I feed kitten chow to our feral colony in the winter here in Minnesota. It has the extra fats, vitamins, and protein they need to stay warm and healthy.

  • Blueshelby

    Happy Healthy Cats !

    02/26/2016 17:30:47

    Our cats love Healthy Weight, even the finicky eaters. It's great to have something that everyone likes and helps keep weight under control. With multiple cats, finding something everyone will eat was a challenge and this works.

  • l2595

    Purina Kitten Chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    This is the perfect blend for kittens! Great product!

  • sm251149

    My kitten would not eat any other food but Nurture!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My kitten absolutely loved this food. She would not eat anything else. This is the best food to feed your kitten. It helps them grown stronger.

  • blh04300

    love purina

    03/28/2014 18:30:08

    Highly recomend this product. My cat love Purina won't feed her anything else.

  • snowbird

    My Cat Loves It!

    01/29/2014 22:15:08

    My cat loves this formula and always wants more. The quality of the food is excellent.

  • Tammy1971

    Purina Cat Chow Naturals

    04/02/2015 04:45:04

    My cats just love the naturals...They go nuts over it....

  • Miky

    Kitty liked them, i think =)

    05/20/2014 14:15:23

    Fortunately my cat, who is a finicky eater, loves these! I give her one in the morning and one in the evening. I have a feeling she sheds a little less than before, but she has only been eating them for a few weeks so I can't be sure about any effects.

  • booboidashi

    good feed

    01/12/2015 11:00:50

    Great feed to keep my little ones trim and active for thier whole lifetime

  • GiGi18

    Best cat food available at the grocery store

    07/27/2014 20:00:08

    Only food my cat can have other cat foods upset her stomach. Great product would recommend to other cat owners

  • Danelle

    Great Starter Food!

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I started all my cats on Kitten Chow and they loved it! I feel like it really helped them to grow healthy, with all the nutrition they needed. I kept getting it and mixing in with adult food. They love feeding time!

  • Donna1


    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My love love Purina products, they like the kitten chow because it is easier for them to chew and digest. Many various kinds of Purina products for our pets.

  • kissimom

    my cat loves

    11/10/2013 13:45:06

    This is the only food I have found that my cat truly enjoys. He is a finicky eater who only likes dry food and this one is one of the best there is.

  • stephn209

    complete is 5 stars

    02/08/2015 13:15:07

    Fluffi is 5 years old and feel good about this food

  • aries52


    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    I had been feeding my cats another dry food brand when I adopted an 8 year old cat from a neighbor. He had been feeding him Cat Chow Indoor, so I switched my cats & they love it!!!! Won't eat anything else now.

  • Marlou

    Purina?? Cat Chow?? Naturals

    02/26/2014 18:00:05

    My 2 almost a year old kittens are enjoying this food. I like the fact it is a natural food. Without the not so good additives in it. They were eating Purina One for kittens, so it was a change for them. I mixed it with what they had been eating and now it is basically just the Natural they are eating. The vet told us they would be okay to change from kitten formula as they were close enough to grown. A happy cat is a happy home!!

  • FrauTLS

    No wasted food

    01/20/2015 09:30:12

    my cats (all six rescued cats) enjoy this food which means there is little that goes to waste. good value for the money..

  • BamaNama

    great product

    04/24/2014 21:45:04

    This is one of the few foods my cat Lily will eat. She is a very picky eater, I think I have tried just about every cat food I can find and there is very few she will eat but Purina Cat Chow Naturals is one that she likes so it must have very good flavor.

  • Shorty9Lives

    Great Cat Food

    08/26/2014 08:45:07

    This is by far the best cat food my fat cats love! Highly Recommended!

  • Cindy1200


    06/01/2015 11:45:16

    THIS SEEMS TO BE THE MAIN FLAVOR MY CATS ENJOY. they are very energetic and playful. they do not lay around all the time because they want to play.

  • urithestripe

    Purina Cat Chow Naturals

    01/19/2015 01:00:13

    I choose this product brand because they use whole grains, real chicken and other high-quality protein sources. I read that it also has fiber to help control hairballs, vitamins and minerals, and leafy greens.

  • cctuanquin23

    Great Product to Keep My Cats Healthy

    03/03/2014 14:30:12

    Purina offers a superb line of products and Purina Cat Chow Naturals is just one example. I know my sweethearts love eating this stuff and they always lick it clean!

  • shellicadillaccats

    My boys love Naturals

    07/14/2014 06:45:09

    We have a cat rescue. Lots and Lots of kitties looking for a family to adopt. After years of learning the ropes from our feline guests; one thing is certain...There is a big difference between the behavior of girls and boys. Over the years, we have found that the older the cat, the harder it is to adopt out. Because many of our kitty guests can be with us a very long time it is important to keep them healthy and active. We look for food with less fillers and more natural ingredients. Our boys love Naturals by Purina. The girls seem to prefer the Purina Indoor formula. The number one issue for our boys is the simple formula, NO added color and the chow size. We nearly never have hairball issues and that is wonderful. Our boys like the Naturals so much, we can use them as treats instead of purchasing more expensive is a win win!

  • MeToo0808

    Older Feline

    01/07/2015 12:15:27

    My older cat has problems having a b/m, with the increase of fiber in this product and some meds she is doing so much better. It is also keeping her figure looking good. LOVE IT!

  • nalakitty4

    Love this product

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    When our cat was a kitten this was his favorite food to eat and he is still eating Purina products. We love the line of products Purina has to offer.

  • KittenKisses21

    Awesome Product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I started my kittens out eating Purina Kitten Chow and I am more than satisfied. Not only do my kittens enjoy the taste but its nutritious as well.

  • Ellen55

    Purina Cat Chow Naturals

    08/25/2014 10:15:44

    I "adopted" my daughter's two cats when she and her husband relocated to another state. She had been feeding them Purina so I stayed with the brand but started them on the Naturals. They love it and so do I. They are both happy, healthy cats!

  • wiscocatmomof4

    Amazing value! !

    09/21/2015 09:15:10

    Amazing value my 4 cats all agree to eat!! I love that it has all the nutrients needed for any cat. It doesn't make them balloon out either. Thank you purinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jacki88

    Benefits of kitten chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I am feeding 2 kittens and they really love the taste of kitten chow. But I love that it will give them the nutrition they will need to develop their brains and bodies. They were spayed yesterday but I plan on feeding them kitten chow for the full year so they grow up strong and healthy!

  • melinda42

    great product

    09/16/2015 17:30:09

    The Purina cat chow loved by all cats in my house! They are very happy healthy and active due to having a good diet

  • TraceyC

    Cat chow complete formula

    01/21/2015 17:30:07

    My cats are indoor cats. They gobble down their food and my big cat will let me know when he needs more by banging his dish. It's good to know that he likes his food and it is good for him.

  • DarleneKayK

    Purina is always the BEST choice!

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I used this all through kitten-hood. The great thing about Purina is they have a wide variety of formulas to choice from that your cats will love and you can feel good giving them, because they are healthy for your growing cats!

  • nett15

    Great natural cat food for the price

    01/23/2015 14:15:22

    My cat has a sensitive stomach but is fine with this brand.

  • Angelkitty64

    Just like getting the best from the outdoors

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    The cats love the food they get there greens from a bag instead of being outside and getting there greens they can be in there home and get it right from the cat food this is so awesome thanks Purina

  • Littlebaby1

    !st and only Hairball

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My Car was a stray so I did not know anything about her. The 1st day I had her she she spit up a Furball, at 1st I thought she was choking so I was getting up to help her and out comes a Hair ball. It was Gross and I almost got sick. I have a very weak stomach. Her vet appointment was in a few days so I looked up hairballs on the internet and went right to the store and picked up a bag of Purina indoor cat formula and She has not had a Hairball since!I could not believe it worked so quick. Thanks Purina

  • jessicarene09

    Great Value!

    04/26/2014 10:45:11

    Love this cat food! Cat stays healthy, my wallet stays full!

  • Kaylee95

    Great Product for Mixing

    03/26/2015 04:15:18

    We love this cat chow, and so do our four cats. They are all of varying ages, and all of them eat this at equal amounts. We do mix in a bit of Gentle Formula to try and minimize "tummy troubles", and it works very well. The price is reasonable and our cats enjoy the taste.

  • tcarpenter

    Purina complete

    12/14/2015 15:45:22

    My cat loves this product . We wo t feed him anything else because he simply doesn't eat it. Great product!

  • kmcdiver

    Love this food

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I've been feeding Purina Indoor Cat Chow since they were off kitten food and I absolutely love it! It helps maintain their weight while still giving them enough energy to jump around the house and play all day long.

  • Megin34

    Indoor Cat Chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    Our Gizmo is a perfectly health 17 yrs old using Purina Cat Chow and we won't use anything else for our Gizmo. He loves the taste, he won't eat anything else, and he stays at a perfect weight. Would recommend to anyone with an indoor cat!!!

  • tennesseesmokey

    A hit with all my cats

    04/03/2014 07:30:10

    All my cats love this formula of Cat Chow! My own cat and my two "stray" cats love this cat food. I know it's healthy for them and I've seen the two strays' coats improve. They won't let me get close to them to pet them, but I can see that they look much healthier after eating this food continuously.

  • maemae37

    great for my kitty.

    11/04/2013 05:45:04

    My kitty loves this stuff. Amd its goos for him too.

  • KatLoverOH

    Love it

    06/24/2015 12:15:26

    Absolutely love the product. My cat loves it and I would recommend it to anybody.

  • CatsOnShelves415

    Simple and Yummy!

    07/06/2015 12:00:36

    I just adopted a new kitty and he loves this blend. He doesn't like things that are too flavorful for some reason and prefers things to be more bland. He's not a huge fan of wet food. I'm glad I was able to grab some of this purina complete for my pal Sushi.

  • crzycatldy39

    Good Stuff

    07/14/2015 12:00:12

    My cats are very picky about what they eat but they love this food!

  • Jeel

    So Far So Good

    01/28/2015 12:15:26

    Recently I have have noticed that my furry friend has gotten a bit heavy, so yesterday I decided to give this cat food formula a try. I poured a serving in her bowl and she behaved as if there was no change. I have high hopes that using Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food will assist in getting her back to her slimmer self.

  • laughinlaurel


    05/22/2014 00:15:08

    Our three cats really love this cat food. We love that it is all natural and actually good for them!

  • mommyof2

    Great food my cat loves

    07/18/2015 09:00:13

    My cat loves this food. I too see it's healthy for her. We, me and her, couldn't be more satisfied.

  • Kesh7

    Love It!

    10/29/2015 11:02:06

    My cats just cannot get enough. They really enjoy the small pieces and the flavors. They are always meowing for more.

  • jvlong03157


    05/13/2015 07:31:21

    My cat loved it, will definitely buy it again, thank you

  • Eschercat

    Big Girl

    01/25/2015 16:15:14

    My sux year old calico Pansy loves to eat and with three cats it is hard to keep her weight under control. Now with Purinas Healthy Weight formula it is like having a dietician for my cat. Thank you.

  • roofhopper

    Purina Healthy Weight

    06/03/2015 13:30:10

    Great for cats with a weight problem! Couldn't ask for a better product!

  • audi0000

    Always good for the Cats

    01/04/2014 15:00:05

    my 4 cats all enjoy this food. Good product- consistently wonderful. Cats meow at the bowl for their Purina

  • Sassy19721

    My cats love it

    04/04/2015 11:30:08

    When I open this bag my cats come running. They love the taste and simplicity of this food.

  • Jen5261

    Glameow Gets What Glameow Wants

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    I made the mistake of buying another type of cat food (a different brand) two different times for my granddaughter's cat Glameow. I have been taking care of Glameow for a long time at my house. Once she got used to Purina Indoor Formula, Glameow will try those other brands but guess what? She doesn't seem as happy and I suppose it's because they actually upset her stomach.....she'd eat but later when I'd go to the basement where her litterbox is and where I do laundry, she'd have thrown up so badly from those other cat foods. It's upsetting that she must of felt so sick...I never let us run out any more of Purina Indoor Formula any more!


    best of the best

    07/15/2014 16:15:12

    my cats love it made so good and they had not liked it like other food i have gotten

  • Ruger

    Wonderful Product!!!!

    05/26/2017 11:02:07

    My husband found a little kitten hiding at his machine shop, after much persuasion he was finally able to pick him up. Poor little guy was terrified and very malnourished, he was in desperate need of a loving home. So he now lives and shares his love with us and is developing into beautiful "Odd Eyed" cat. As soon as he hears the bag shake hes like lightning across the house to his feeding dish. Ruger loves his Purina Kitten Chow!!!! Thanks from, M.I.

  • Dayy


    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I have a strictly indoor cat , so I purchased this product and my cat really enjoyed it , she tends to be picky in what kibbles she eat but she liked these.

  • KK01

    Great Product

    01/12/2015 10:45:21

    I have multiple cats and they ALL love this cat food. They can't wait until I put it in their cat food bowl to enjoy!

  • Lm91

    Excellent Formula

    02/01/2015 21:00:10

    I recommend this cat chow as it has all the necessary ingredients for your cats to stay healthy!

  • brit123


    04/24/2014 21:45:04

    Our cat Milo always comes running when he hears the bag. Great food.

  • Ted217650

    Helped them recover from a poor diet

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    I was given 2 very young girls by someone who thought kitties would be 'fun'. They were being fed a store brand Adult dry food and were undersized. I got them a bag of Kitten Chow and had planned to mix a little of their old food into it so they would smell and taste something familiar. That plan lasted one meal, as they ate the Kitten Chow all up and left the store brand in the dish. They are now both healthy young Ladies with good appetites.

  • kmercer25

    cat food

    11/09/2015 09:31:01

    This food is all natural so it does not have any artificial ingredients, maybe that is why they like it.

  • Pennie63

    Great Product.

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I rescued 5 kittens and fed them Purina Kitten Chow. They were very thin when I found them, but soon gained weight and became very healthy. They have now graduated to Purina Cat Chow.

  • catmomof8

    my cats love it

    08/11/2014 11:45:38

    the only food my cats will eat. great price great value!!

  • katie121

    perfect nutrition for our new kitty

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    Purina Kitten Chow: the perfect nutrition for our new addition to our family!

  • CeCe

    Loves it!

    01/04/2014 00:15:05

    My senior kitty became overweigh and I became concerned about potential health issues. I switched to Healthy Weight and he loves it. My other cats love it as well.

  • Stormie7

    treat thats not junk food

    01/02/2014 15:15:06

    my babies think its a treat cos i get the small bag and it sounds n looks to be a treat bag n they just love it

  • jodyks

    Cat's favorite

    12/31/2013 15:30:04

    We have 3 cats-2 are 5 yrs old and 1 is 3 yrs old. They all love this food. It is great to be able to feed all 3 the same food-much easier for all of us! In fact, the "little one" has been eating this since "kittenhood." he would always eat the "big cat" food instead of his kitten food! They are also 3 different "weight classes" but Cat Chow Complete is the only food they all enjoy eating. Great product=happy cats!

  • Allan

    Franklins food

    02/08/2015 13:45:10

    This food was recommended when I got franklin from the cny cat coalition. He likes it and I know it is good for him.

  • Tontomom

    Cats love

    02/09/2015 13:15:18

    Eeg have 2 cats and they love this food. Both cats prefer to other brands.

  • Penzigirl03

    2 Paws Up!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    This is a great product! My cat is very picky and this is the only brand he will eat. Thank you Purina!

  • Tabster

    The Queen and her clock

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    This household queen has an alarm clock in her stomach. When she wakes me in the a.m. she wants to eat immediately. She loves Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. She stands on her hind legs and beg for it, and rolls over till food is in her dish. P.M. -the same alarm clock tells her to jump on my lap, stand on hind legs and paw at me till she is fed what she loves. She will search for it when her late evening alarm clock goes off. It is easy to feed her what she likes, pouring it into a container is easy, and there is no odor. This svelte queen maintains her weight and demands the best. I am glad that I chose Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula

  • Itzburditt

    Vader loves it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    We have a kitten named Vader, who loves this product. I love feeding it to him, because I trust Purina. It's a win/win!

  • Makmarie

    Simons & Aries

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    Our two 10 week old kittens love this food, we just switched to it and they have had no digestive issues whatsoever, plus the price is great!

  • lucy2

    great for older cats

    01/23/2015 08:30:48

    i have 2 indoor 14 year old cats and they greatly benefit from this product.

  • Bonnie56

    Purina Kitten Chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    all my kitties love this!! i have an older cat (she's 12) and she loves it too. maybe i shouldn't give it to het but it's the only dry food that she doesn't throw up with! i think it's a wonderful brand!!

  • angela1113

    healthy living

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    love purinas brand cat food my cats wont eat anything less than purina

  • Luckey13

    Love it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My cats are all rescue cats and they just love the indoor formula. Thank you for making a great product!

  • lolliluv

    Small enough for even my old kitty to eat!

    03/11/2014 22:15:11

    I own two cats. One is 7, and the other is 14. It's hard to find cat food that's small enough for my old cat to eat, and affordable. This is both! And it's good to know that it provides everything that my felines need! (Also, my younger cat doesn't cough up hairballs anymore. Hooray!) I've just run out of it, I'm on my way to get more!

  • Missu

    great product

    06/17/2015 11:45:13

    this is a good product for my cat and he loves it!

  • emboyd8

    Best Product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    This is the best brand of cat food I have ever used.

  • socks

    she waits by her bowl....

    01/10/2014 09:15:06

    hungrily...5 a.m rolls around and awakens us to go to her dish.....even as we are pouring,she's under there,lapping it all up.....worth getting out of bed for this....totally healthy pussycat, w/the help of purina

  • Lorinda

    A healthy option

    06/09/2015 06:00:09

    I like that I can give my cats a healthy & more natural option that they enjoy.

  • tammy652000

    My cats love it...

    01/08/2014 21:15:03

    My cats will only eat catchow brands, and i like being able to giv them a variety,

  • Leigh

    Better than any other

    11/10/2014 11:45:06

    By far this has to be one of the best natural Cat foods on the market right now I've done a lot of research and I have found nothing that compares to this cat food for the price value, for the nutritional value and that my cat loves to eat it I never have to throw it away because it was sitting in her bowl for a few days she really loves it I feel great being able to give my cat everything she needs and wants it's great on my pocketbook thumbs up

  • RascalII

    Reliable and Well received.

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My cats, and I have many, really like the Indoor cat food. It seems to control the hairballs pretty well except for my super long haired cat which we have to give olive oil to control her excessive hair ball issues. None of the other cats have a problem with hairballs as long as we use Purina Indoor Formula. Thanks for the product.

  • mochiball3


    01/23/2015 14:15:22

    Cat loves it! Worth the money and good nutrients !

  • AnnP

    Humane Society LOVES this food!

    08/17/2017 21:30:23

    I am the animal coordinator for the local humane society, Purina Cat Chow Complete is the food of choice for our cats and kittens! The cats love it, even the picky eaters tend to prefer Purina. The price point is good so it makes it easier for us to stock.

  • melissa514

    Love this kitten food

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    All my kittens loved this dry food, this was the only food we get for them.

  • Squashbug

    Purrrrly the Best Cat Food

    08/25/2014 16:45:12

    We have two rescue cats. We got them at or family vet's clinic when they were about 3 days old. They had been found on the side of the road by a lady that was on her way to work. She stopped and scooped them up and took them to the clinic. We had just had put our elderly Bichon Frize dog down. While there, my husband saw the kittens and told the vet that we would love to take them. To make a long story short, these kittens were so very sick and had to be treated and feed by the vet until their eyes were open. Finely, the day came when we got to take them home. Our two twin kittens turned out to be two of the most picky eaters! We tried every brand, every flavor, and every form of cat food on the shelves. Purina Cat Chow Complete was the answer. Our cats love their food. They are 3 years old now and still this is the only food they will eat. Thank you Purina!

  • kkay

    was recommended by our vet

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    recommended by the vet, the kitten loves it, as does the 7 year old!


Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our company, our products and caring for your cats. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How can I email or talk with the Purina Pet Care team?

A: If you would like to talk with us, please contact us here or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Our Hours of Operation:

  • Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST
Q: How are Purina Cat Chow products different from other healthy pet foods?

A: Inside every bag of Purina Cat Chow you'll find a selective blend of protein, fat, and fiber. Everything we use in our premium cat food formulas has a place in your cat's healthy diet.

Q: How can I be sure of the quality of the Purina Cat Chow products?

A: Our top priority is the quality of the food that nourishes not only your pets, but the pets we share our lives with, too. So from source to bowl, the quality of our food is assured by taking the following steps:

Ingredient Sourcing

  • Purina ingredient sourcing and processing meet or exceed FDA, USDA or AAFCO standards for pet food. And every supplier of ingredients for Purina products must meet our stringent standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.
  • Ingredient Testing
  • All of Purina's North American manufacturing facilities have on-site quality assurance laboratories and staff. And we're working to expand the use of technology to further screen ingredients for quality assurance.
  • Ingredient Tracking & Control
  • 99% of all Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities and Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retail stores.
Q: Where is your food manufactured?

A: 99% of all Purina-branded pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities. Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retailers.

Q: I am unable to find a particular product in my area. Can you help me locate it?

A: Yes, we can help. Although distribution of our Purina Cat Chow products is national, not all stores carry all sizes and varieties. Contact our Customer Service department via our Contact Us page or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Q: Do you offer coupons?

A: We offer coupons in local papers, through direct mailing programs and via emails to registered members. We don't have a regular section on our website itself. We suggest you watch for sales or promotions at your local retailer.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We believe there's always more to learn and to share and that discovery should be fun. It's one more way we're helping you and your cat share a better life together. Visit Catipedia for articles and information and... a little bit of fun.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We strongly recommend talking to your veterinarian for immediate answers to urgent situations. While is an excellent resource of information provided by cat care experts, your veterinarian can provide the best care for your individual cat.