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  • TraceyLeigh

    She KNOWS!!

    01/12/2015 11:00:51

    Our outdoor cat (and her feral companion) KNOW when we run out of her Cat Chow Naturals. Occasionally our primary store will run out or my husband will buy a different brand (he's learning). BIG difference, she doesn't eat as much, scratches at the door, or spends the rest of the day eating grass. Her first meal back to "her" brand, she eats as if ravenous. I have learned which different local stores carry her brand.

  • atinsley85


    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My cats love it and it's reasonably priced as well

  • 143CarliGrey

    Great Product!

    11/19/2015 17:01:14

    My cat loves this food. She knows when its time to eat.

  • Ksinn


    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I had a cat that lived almost 16 years! All she ate was this!

  • Adorkablemama


    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My kitten loves Purina Kitten. It's easy for her to eat and digest, had never caused her an upset stomach and I've watched her grow by leaps and bounds since she became a part of our family. She'll be a Purina cat for life!

  • IGuevara

    Great Product

    07/02/2014 11:15:16

    Great products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bacon86

    Kittens love it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    We have three kittens right now, and one is a picky eater. This is the one kitten chow that they all love!

  • kimanddean

    Their treats.

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    I buy indoor formula and keep it on a jar on my counter. I have moist treats, then I have purina indoor for them to have as a crunchy treat. They love it, and I know they are getting a good treat. Never seen a hairball, so I guess it's working.

  • virgo913

    Naturally Great

    08/31/2014 23:15:02

    We try to make the main ingredient (non fillers) so far this has fit the bill for our 3 indoor only cats. :-)

  • topgungirl


    07/03/2014 09:45:16

    Great product that my cat is in Love with! My cat cant wait to get into this stuff and it keeps her happy and healthy!

  • Mommy34

    Groucho gives it 5 paws

    11/10/2013 13:45:06

    My male cat, Groucho, enjoys Complete. I mix it with Indoor Cat formula, which he also enjoys, just to change up the texture a little.

  • Spunkles

    Every kitty loves Kitten chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    Every cat I have ever had has loved Kitten chow, even not as a kitten. I do not have anything bad to say about the food. Nothing.

  • Kipnslop

    Love it

    07/30/2014 16:16:18

    This is my cats favorite food ever her coat is so shiny and she runs to the bowl she is a lot healthier so was so skinny. Now she has more energy and affection

  • Mowgli1991

    Baby Mowgli

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    When Mowgli was a little baby, he ate this food and loved it! It fueled his energetic, kitty play.

  • debkz

    All they will eat!

    11/20/2013 09:15:05

    This is the only cat food my four cats will eat and they love it!

  • Monica2903

    My Cat Loves It!

    05/11/2018 16:16:58

    My cat absolutely loves this food! I never seen her eat all of her food at one time but she sure as heck did! I love that it’s grain free and made with vitamins and minerals. I will never go back to her old cat food that’s for sure!

  • DluxHomemaker

    Cat Loves TO EAT!!

    11/11/2015 15:45:23

    My cat was not eating the food I had been buying since she reached adult age. I tried several different options, and ended up settling with Purina Complete. She adores this. Her purr and plaintive meows when I refill her cat bowl are adorable! She is healthy and happy. Her coat is shiny and she's still so energetic. She also does not overeat and this food doesn't cause her tummy troubles.

  • catlady345

    Great For Weight Management

    02/05/2016 10:20:35

    Purina Healthy weight has a flavor that my cats really enjoy. Since starting them on this diet, feeding them portion controlled meals, I have noticed they have definitely become leaner and healthier!

  • amberhd

    My cats love it

    08/03/2014 15:45:29

    I feed this to my outside cats, they are healthy, happy and have beautiful coats. They love the taste!

  • Enjelly

    Works for us!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    We recently adopted a kitten and are feeding her Purina Kitten Chow. She started out life in a rough way and has had to really be pushed to nurse and then eat food. However, she is really taking off now and eats without issue and has even started to develop a little pot belly! We are very satisfied with her progress and her ability to eat this food.

  • SpankyMae01

    Great product

    06/10/2015 10:31:15

    I used to by the Purina complete cat chow but i have since switched to Purina naturals my cats love them both!

  • catcrazy57

    Cat chow review

    12/09/2013 14:15:11

    My cats like cat chow the most, every morning and night their bowls are always empty..

  • abeth2015

    I love this!

    01/06/2014 13:15:08

    I love Purina Cat Chow Naturals and so does my cat!

  • thomascat

    cats love ths food

    08/11/2014 12:30:36

    my 4 cats love this food and get grumpy if they do not get the kind they like

  • mardens

    Cat loves it

    05/26/2015 12:30:34

    I purchase purina complete for my cat and she loves it. She just eats it up every time I put it in her bowl.

  • Vronicap

    Finally a grain free product!

    02/05/2018 18:30:36

    I'm so glad there's an affordable and healthy option for my cat. I've been wanting to give him a grain free food for ever, and now I can finally do it without breaking the bank. He loves it! Without a doubt, it's worth switching over to this product. I've always been a fan of Purina naturals, but this brings it over the top.

  • spoiled3

    get rid of the pouch

    07/13/2015 11:30:14

    It takes a bit of time but they will lose weight. remember a pound to them is not just a pound to us. She enjoys it and because of the weight control we can feed her !/4 cup 2 times per day . less begging

  • Jonboy

    My Cats LOVE this Product!

    02/14/2015 20:00:04

    We had been struggling to find a cat food that my finicky cats would eat that would also help them maintain (or attain in some cases) a healthy weight and then Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight came along and solved the problem. It's an excellent food for the cats which they love eating!

  • Chloe15Kitty

    Grrrreat Food

    09/09/2014 13:00:39

    I'm down to one cat now and she was starting to put on a little too much wait ; mostly from lake of exercise. She's ate this food since she was young along with her house mates. she's always enjoyed the taste. I had to move recently , and now the place I live has two fights of stairs which she enjoys using all day long. So hopefully between the food and the exercise she will start to loose some wait.

  • Gusbea

    The only food I give to my kittens when they are young.

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I only feed this to my kittens when they are under a year old. I had a cat who ate this because she would not eat any other food. I got her used to indoor Purina after a while.

  • StormyBlue

    Every Newly Rescued Kittens' Best Friend!

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    We've used Purina Kitten Chow Nurture Formula for each and every newly rescued kitten as we wean them from the bottle. It mixes easily with kitten liquid formula and by simply gradually reducing the ratio of formula to the Purina Kitten Chow, weaning is a trouble free and healthy process.

  • Lisleon


    11/11/2013 21:15:04

    I started to try this cat food after reading the reviews on the Petco web site. My cats really like it, which is great because it is much cheaper than what I had been buying.

  • Elphaba

    3 indoor only cats, 1 indoor/outdoor cat=4 happy kitties

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    All 4 of our cats love Purina Indoor Cat Chow! All 4 are happy, healthy kitties....3 are over the age of 10 yrs, 1 is just over 2 yrs but they all play like kittens. Feeding 4 cats in this economy can be challenging but we find that Purina Cat Chow products are an excellent value. My husband & I have been married for 36 yrs & have always had at least 2 cats. We raised 2 kids that also have multi-cat households themselves. We have always fed our cats Purina Cat Chow all these years....btw...all our cats have been rescues & we always spay & neuter : )

  • brit


    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My kitty tiger loves this food. It keeps him healthy and happy. Also good price for what your getting. Buying again for sure.

  • Sandy62

    Purina has great products.

    03/08/2018 11:46:10

    My cats woofed it down. Loved it. Be sure to buy a bag and start them on this new food. One of my cats has a problem with hairballs but when eating this food there was no vomiting which was great. I always buy a very large bag so it is less frequent stops to the store. Coupons are always good.

  • ayanami88

    dilbert approved

    03/08/2015 16:15:20

    loves it. gets so excited when he hears it being poured. i think its a good value for the amount of meat and quality ingredients used.

  • CatLadyJean

    Great Product

    05/11/2018 16:00:28

    Received a sample in the mail and my cats love it. Have been purchasing it ever since because I feel it is a excellent dry food for my babies. I like the fact that there is no added coloring to this product. I would recommend Naturals Grain Free to anyone who has a picky eater and wants them to have a healthy diet as well. Also I have an overweight kitty and I feel the grain free will help him lose some of his weight.

  • eliz630

    All my cats do well on this!

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    I have a lot of cats in the house because I foster cats for a rescue. They all do well on this food! I think it is a good food!

  • Catluverr


    07/29/2015 13:00:59

    Great product to buy, my cat loves it and enjoys it !

  • merky

    great product

    03/02/2014 20:00:04

    my cats are picky eaters and they all love Purina cat chow naturals, one cat used to throw-up a lot but eating naturals she no longer has that problem .

  • mervtater1

    Excellent Product

    05/11/2014 12:00:08

    My cats love this dry food. It makes me feel good buying it knowing that it has all the necessary nutrients.

  • magen1229

    My cats love this!

    01/28/2015 12:15:26

    My cats love this! It's the only kind of food that I buy for them. They refuse to eat any other kind of cat food!! Plus it's perfect for my cats sensitive tummy. I highly recommend this for any cat owner.

  • sdcary4

    My kittens eat this up!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    I have kittens born every now & again. When they become of age, I put some of this kitten chow in a bowl with a little warm water & they go to town! What it's made out of doesn't seem as mealy as other brands. They are able to eat it without any trouble.

  • LilliputianElysian

    Absolutely the best cat food on the market

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My cats, Elysian and Lilliputian have always eaten the Indoor Formula because they are strictly indoor cats. It was important to me to find the right type of food for their lifestyle. I can honestly say they love it and it is a really, really good value for the price. I love Purina products.

  • NatTheCat

    Love Indoor Formula

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    I have 2 rescue cats and both love this food. They are picky eaters and I worried about having one food both would eat. After trying a free sample a couple years ago I was glad that they both love it !

  • lglyspkng

    Cat literally begged for it

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    My cat would literally beg to have her dish filled with Purina Cat Chow!

  • LauraP

    yummy and healthy too

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    My cats very much like the taste of this food and I like the weight and hairball control aspects of it. I will continue feeding it to my two four footed children!

  • billybob200182


    01/13/2016 16:45:07

    I love this and my cats were on it for a while and when I moved them they did not get sick

  • burgekl

    indooor cats=my cats favorite food

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    I buy this Purina Indoor cat receipe for my 2 Persian cats. They love it and I love them so I will buy them what they love. These are 2 of the laziest cats ever. This product helps them to stay at a healthy weight since they don't get much exercise. I definitely think this is one of the best cat foods on the market and the price us great. Thank you Purina, for keeping my cats healthy and happy.

  • Liljai

    Tasty kitten food

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I have in the past always used Purina so when we got our new kitten I of course used the kitten chow and she loves it! When I pour into her bowl she comes running!

  • Gnermal

    My Cats' Favorite

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    My Cats seem to prefer the flavor of this indoor variety. No hairballs in over 6 months (even with a full grown Himalayan beast)!

  • klmurray

    great product!

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    my cats love this product. it keeps them healthy..

  • OpaCoacoa

    Great Value

    06/11/2015 19:45:13

    Purina Cat Chow Complete is the cat food my friend recommended when I got my first. I love the quality of food my cats get for the value I pay.

  • adriennemarie

    My cat loves indoor cat chow!

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    I only get Purina indoor cat chow for my cat. Not only does my cat love it ,but its affordable and I can always find coupons for it!

  • shadows

    good product

    04/05/2017 17:15:25

    My cat loves this food. He has food for him all day his favorite is the indoor formula. Id recomend it to my friends.

  • PolkCoTech

    Excellent choice for kitten and pregnant or nursing mothers (cats)

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    This is an excellent product that is not just for kittens, but also provides the nutrients that adult pregnant or nursing mothers require.

  • shelettm

    My cat loves this stuff!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My kitten cannot get enough of this cat food! He is a healthy weight, and this cat food really helps to keep my kitty strong and happy. Thanks Purina!

  • MicJanLilScr

    Great Food for Indoor Cats

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My 3 adult cats have eaten this type of food for going on 5 years. I have never had any problems. Good indoor formula.

  • Elizabethcatright

    Love the Products

    04/13/2015 16:15:32

    I love seeing eeveryone happy eith the Products, there are great

  • Portajf


    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    Does really help with hairballs. Had a cat that had bad hairballs and when she started eating this food they stopped.

  • Roxy48

    The only cat food that doesn't make my cat sick!

    06/08/2014 16:15:14

    Four years and several battles with gastritis (quite an expensive diagnosis for a cat!) later, Purina is the only brand we've tried that doesn't make our pretty kitty sick. We're thankful for finding Purina before being forced to switch to a more expensive brand that would put a strain on our tight budget.

  • silversterling

    Great taste and hairball control

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My cats love this food and they always have fewer hairballs after eating it.

  • Jane1962

    5 star cat food

    01/20/2014 10:15:14

    I feed the healthy weight formula to my four cats. They all love it. They always empty their cat bowls. They come running when I get their cat food out.

  • izzy2011

    my cat really lost weight

    11/11/2014 20:45:16

    my cat izzy really was a fat cat i loved it but i knew it was not good for him so i tried this food and it worked

  • DG76

    I Love It!

    08/26/2014 08:45:07

    This is by far the best cat food my cats love! Highly Recommended!

  • nurse55


    10/22/2015 02:30:29

    My cat loves the cat chow complete. It is his favorite. He is eats this with no complications.

  • CrazyCatLadyCarol

    Perfect for My Fat Lazy Kitties

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    After moving to a busy apartment I had to keep my three furballs inside, much to their dismay. After a while it became obvious that they weren't getting the workout they got while pestering neighborhood dogs and squirrels outside. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula was the perfect solution to combat some of the chub they had received. This food also helped with their digestion, no hairballs and no need to call hazmat after they've visited the litter box. They enjoy it too and even have enough energy for some indoor playtime!

  • Boop1901

    Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight

    11/11/2015 12:15:41

    Both of my cats seems to really enjoy this food. It helps keep their weight under control. This was a problem when I was feeding my cats other cat food. They were becoming overweight, but then I heard about Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and decided to give it a try. Not only did it help with their weight issues, but the cats love the great taste.

  • Sashaaa


    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I first began with this product and my kittens had absolutely loved it!!

  • qqnonrev

    Something for all cats

    02/08/2015 13:15:07

    We have some very picky cats when it comes to food shape, so this is a great overall dry food with something for everyone.

  • KittyKat2

    My three little babys

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    All of my babies love this brand of cat food. I have been using it for a long, long time I have fostered cats now for over 4 years and ever cat I had loved it from what I could tell. So I would highly recommended Purina Cat chow Indoor brand to all cat lovers at there.

  • kelly1212

    Such a great product

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    This cat food is so good, my cat loves it. I have never had a problem with the quality or freshness of a bag. I love that you can always find a coupon to help save some money. I wanted to purchase good quality well balance food for my cat with also not having to pay and arm and a foot for it. this product is awesome. Thank you.

  • Ainslie


    05/28/2014 12:15:21

    My cats love it. They happily eat the whole dish full every time

  • Binzer35

    Great product

    02/08/2015 14:00:06

    My two fur babies really loved this kind.. For starters my babies are a bit on the chunky side.. My eldest, Chloe-12 & Cheddar-Bob, 3 and as chunky as they are, they are quite picky.. but they really love this food. I recemend this product for all large cat owners that are wanting to get their fur babies on a kitty diet...

  • SimplyWeena

    I love it! (and so do they

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My cats really love this product. I notice that when they are eating this they seem more satisfied.

  • manchee1

    Food cats love

    02/25/2014 15:15:05

    Purina cat chow is an excellent product, I have been feeding it to my cats for longer than ten years. It is a favorite of all cats and keeps them healthy and happy. I highly recommend it.

  • Mazaoo

    Kittie loved it

    05/11/2018 17:45:36

    We gave this tour our cat and she likes loved it. We gave to her as treats at first, to get her traction, and she really enjoyed it. Now we to always keep some on hand for her. So continue to make your great pet food.

  • Ebony1

    The ONLY one!

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    I have a multiple cat house. This leads to trying many kinds and tastes of dry and wet food. They have always loved Cat Chow, but when the Indoor came on the market, I thought, why not. Now we are hooked. I have a bowl just for nibbles in the night in my bedroom. As you might imagine, it gets 24 hour visitation. They really love it. I have been feeding them the Indoor Cat Chow for at least 5 years and they still gobble it up when I put it out. Thank you Purina!!

  • Tortiesmom4824


    02/06/2015 13:30:05

    I have a cat her name is JJ. She is 19 . She is the cutest cat, she is petite so I feed her naturals because they are small in size yet give her what she needs to live a good life

  • TNRVetTech

    Healthy value

    01/14/2015 12:01:32

    I've used Cat Chow Naturals for my alley cat colony. It's important that they get the best nutrition possible since they are living outside. It's a good value for the price.

  • lorivanetti

    Great product

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    You know it is complete and nutritionally balanced.

  • CleverGirl

    He loves it!

    10/03/2015 11:00:16

    My cats enjoy all cat chow Purina brand cat food. They seem to like the flavor a lot better

  • jsk1

    love it..

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    this is the first thing i feed my kitten when we found him and he loves it and i do to..

  • phyl07

    Great product

    01/13/2015 15:45:22

    product all my four cats like and enjoy with all the essential vitamins in it.

  • bb73

    My cats love it!

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    I have 6 cats and they all prefer this food. I have tried others, but this is the one they come running for.

  • Shmoo

    Why I buy Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula

    04/05/2017 17:15:29

    When I first brought my cats inside, I expressed my concern to a friend about hairballs. The previous cat we housed had vomited hairballs on a regular basis. He told me that he fed his cats the Indoor Formula, so I gave it a try. They love it and so far, it is controlling any hairball issues.

  • PegLeg48

    Yum Yum

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    Have nine furbabies and they love the taste, texture and overall yummy, yummy crunch.

  • paparutzi

    6 furbabies love it

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    i have 6 cats and i have feed them indoor for years they love it it is easy on their stomachs and it is very well balanced

  • Corriieee


    03/05/2015 22:45:22

    I recently switched to buying the healthy weight formula, because my cat is a pretty overweight. So far he seems to like it just as much as he liked the natural formula. He is eating less and going to the bathroom more, so I know it's working for him! So far we are pleased with this food and I'll be buying it again!

  • Sue01

    Purina Cat Chow Complete

    02/03/2015 21:30:05

    I have 4 outside stray cats that my husband & I have given a home. We feed them Purina Cat Chow Complete. They love the Purina Cat Chow Complete. They are waiting each morning for their bowls to be filled. Occasionally I have bought a different brand and I can tell they do not like it as well.


    best kitten formula

    04/05/2017 17:15:27

    Purina Kitten Formula is the best it has everything what your kitten needs and the kitten loves the taste,great product

  • JoBrady

    Happy Kitty

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    We just rescued a kitten and there is only one brand that I turn to to ensure that she is getting the nutrition she needs!

  • Ozzysmom

    Kitten chow

    04/05/2017 17:15:26

    My last two litters of fosters came to me young, skinny, flea ridden and with uris. Ive fed both sets along with my cat when he was a kitten, Purina kitten chow. Not only did they love it, but it help them all to become the hethy adult/teenagers they are today.

  • 2Cats

    Good for my Cats

    09/09/2014 11:30:12

    I always read the product contents on the packaging and feel good that I am giving a healthy product to my cats.

  • RubyMae

    Purina Cat Chow Complete

    12/24/2014 10:30:13

    My cat loves Purina Cat Chow Complete. The new Kibble blend is easy for him to chew and he seems to love the flavors. I have been feeding my cats Cat Chow for years now and they are happy kitties.

  • mickey404

    The best!

    10/29/2014 13:45:33

    We use the complete formula as well as the indoor cats formula, they both are fantastic!

  • deedee21

    Cats loved it!

    08/05/2015 14:00:57

    The cats were getting a bit chubby so I tried this cat food and they loved it and look slimmer now as a result. I was worried with it being a weight control formula, it would have a flavor they would not like. Not the case though. They really enjoyed this formula, in fact when it came to feeding time I couldn't get it in the dish fast enough!

  • bwarnick


    12/01/2014 15:45:05

    My two cats love this product. They leave their bowls empty.

  • irotjdh27

    Best food choice I have found

    04/05/2017 17:15:28

    I was having a problem with my cat eating too much and too fast and he would always throw up his food later. Then he would still act hungry all the time. I switched to Purina cat chow indoor and he has been his best ever since! Would for sure recommend to anyone else that has a cat.

  • NikkinDutchie

    Kitty's in love!

    02/11/2015 06:15:56

    My cat dutchie absolutely loves this food. He wakes me up extra early to feed him his Breakfast , and promptly reminds me for his dinner as well. He can't get enough of it!


Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our company, our products and caring for your cats. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How can I email or talk with the Purina Pet Care team?

A: If you would like to talk with us, please contact us here or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Our Hours of Operation:

  • Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST
Q: How are Purina Cat Chow products different from other healthy pet foods?

A: Inside every bag of Purina Cat Chow you'll find a selective blend of protein, fat, and fiber. Everything we use in our premium cat food formulas has a place in your cat's healthy diet.

Q: How can I be sure of the quality of the Purina Cat Chow products?

A: Our top priority is the quality of the food that nourishes not only your pets, but the pets we share our lives with, too. So from source to bowl, the quality of our food is assured by taking the following steps:

Ingredient Sourcing

  • Purina ingredient sourcing and processing meet or exceed FDA, USDA or AAFCO standards for pet food. And every supplier of ingredients for Purina products must meet our stringent standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.
  • Ingredient Testing
  • All of Purina's North American manufacturing facilities have on-site quality assurance laboratories and staff. And we're working to expand the use of technology to further screen ingredients for quality assurance.
  • Ingredient Tracking & Control
  • 99% of all Purina pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities and Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retail stores.
Q: Where is your food manufactured?

A: 99% of all Purina-branded pet food products sold in the U.S. are made in Purina-owned U.S. manufacturing facilities. Purina's sophisticated tracking system ensures important measures of control: All raw ingredients are tracked from time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products, and on to retailers.

Q: I am unable to find a particular product in my area. Can you help me locate it?

A: Yes, we can help. Although distribution of our Purina Cat Chow products is national, not all stores carry all sizes and varieties. Contact our Customer Service department via our Contact Us page or call us at 1­-888­-228­-2469.

Q: Do you offer coupons?

A: We offer coupons in local papers, through direct mailing programs and via emails to registered members. We don't have a regular section on our website itself. We suggest you watch for sales or promotions at your local retailer.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We believe there's always more to learn and to share and that discovery should be fun. It's one more way we're helping you and your cat share a better life together. Visit Catipedia for articles and information and... a little bit of fun.

Q: Where can I find articles and information about my cat?

A: We strongly recommend talking to your veterinarian for immediate answers to urgent situations. While is an excellent resource of information provided by cat care experts, your veterinarian can provide the best care for your individual cat.